Industry Software

Software for Optics/Thin Film Coating Industry

What is industry software?

Industry software is specifically designed software for specific industries with obvious industry characteristics.

Industry software has features such as targeted, easy to operate and so on.

Why do we need customized industry software?

In this era of high-speed development, fierce competition, different enterprises have different operating processes and corporate culture, its products and technologies have different production processes and procedures.

the market now on the endless stream of general software, and some seemingly complete function , But after running often find a lot of problems, can not fully meet the needs of business operations.

Customizable industry software to meet the individual needs of the development of enterprises for enterprises to consolidate competitiveness and expand market help.

Application Areas

Process Control Software

Quality Control Software

Equipment Management Software

Product Management Software

Customer Management Software


Our Advantage

Rich Experience of Specific Industry

Accumulated function modules can speed up the development process

In-depth research on industry technology

Perfect Software development technology and development platform

Flexible configuration, high security, fast running

Able to adapt to the needs of different enterprises within the industry

Scientific and rational structural design, to minimize customer costs and the implementation of the process of the risks, to enhance and improve the user's existing system integration

Customized Software Development Procedure

It is divided into several processes, including the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of the system. According to the user's needs, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, we will carefully provide you with the most feasible custom program.

Customized Indutry Software Development Procedure